Kaj Bredenberg Consulting – English page

KB Consulting was established in 1993. The main business areas are:

  • EDI applications, especially in automotive industry
  • IBM AS/400 consulting, training and support
  • PC Applications, especially Office/VBA macros development
  • General system consulting and analysis
  • Web design (WordPress/WooCommerce)

KB Consulting is working in co-operation with some bigger IT companies, and there are also some smaller partners in Finland.

A great part of our customers are manufacturing companies and delivering various products to the automotive industry. Here is where EDI comes in: the information between car manufacturers and their suppliers is carried out today mainly using EDI, and in that case the main tasks are related in integrating the EDI systems and the suppliers’ in house systems (Order Processing, Material Administration). European automotive industry has been using EDI for about 30 yeas. The main association for this development has been Odette, which is the organisation for development of eBusiness and EDI for European automobile industry.

More information about Odette is available at: ODETTE Europe

About EDI applications:
One if the leading EDI software vendors for Odette/EDI applications in Europe is Data Interchange plc. KB Consulting is working in co-operation with Data Interchange plc in this business area in Finland and Baltic countries.

The Web Site for products and services of Data Interchange can be seen at:

Data Interchange plcIT vendo​​​r for EDI/Odette solutions